About Us

Practisync, a proud subsidiary of the Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS), stands at the forefront of chiropractic services. Our dynamic organization provides an expanding suite of services to chiropractic practices to improve systems and enhance our clients’ bottom line. Through expert billing, compliance, documentation assistance, and more, Practisync extends its expertise to chiropractic physicians, aiming to transform the complexities and challenges of the modern chiropractic practice.

At Practisync, our core mission is to enhance the operational and financial health of chiropractic practices through a comprehensive suite of services. By focusing on quality services, compliance, and precision in billing, Practisync is not just a service provider but a partner in driving the vitality and success of your practice.

Moreover, being under the umbrella of the ICS ensures that Practisync is deeply rooted in the values and goals of the chiropractic community, thereby reinforcing our commitment to providing economies of scale and top-tier services to our clients.

Practisync Team

Our team focuses on your practice vitality and fear-free compliance, ensuring your management billing processes are not just efficient, but also compliant and tailored to your unique needs.

Executive Team

Marc Abla

Chief Executive Officer

Credentials: Certified Association Executive

Marc has contributed over 20 years to the chiropractic profession with a focus on compliance, regulatory issues, and strategic planning, while being actively involved in various chiropractic associations and initiatives.

Office Location: Illinois

Dr. Evan Gwilliam profile with office background

Dr. Evan Gwilliam

Senior Vice President

Credentials: DC, MBA, CPC, CCPC, QMCC, CPMA, CPCO, AAPC Fellow

Dr. Gwilliam is a respected figure in the chiropractic community, known for his expertise in coding, auditing, and contributions as an educator and consultant in healthcare compliance and medical record auditing.

Office Location: Utah

Photo of Brandy Brimhall, CPC

Brandy Brimhall

Chief Operations Officer


Brandy Brimhall is a respected professional in the chiropractic community, renowned since 1999 for her expertise in coding, compliance, and practice management. She has earned multiple certifications and is actively involved in providing training and education.

Office Location: Colorado

Billing/RCM Team

Faisal Pervaiz

Faisal Pervaiz

Billing Specialist

Faisal is an experienced Revenue Cycle Specialist proficient in multiple healthcare billing systems, known for effectively managing AR, denials, and appeals, and excelling in compliance and customer communication within a diverse insurance landscape.

Office Location: New York

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