Transforming Your Care into Maximum Revenue

Embrace the Practisync advantage, where precision is the heartbeat and profitability the outcome.


Experts in Chiropractic Billing

Practisync is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Illinois Chiropractic Society and is dedicated to providing economies of scale to chiropractic physicians. Our billing staff will be your partner for maximized quality and pinpoint accurate billing. We are focused on your practice vitality and fear-free compliance assistance.

Years of Experience


Staff Certifications


Revenue Cycle Management


Each claim is carefully reviewed to minimize errors and maximize appropriate reimbursement. 

Billing Submission

Rapid claims submission avoiding costly delays and disruptions in cash flow.

Denial Management

Appeals assistance and informed coaching to eliminate future rejections.

Receivable Oversight

Practisync works with your clinic reviewing the quality of your open claims during onboarding and throughout our relationship.

Clear Communication

Stay informed with our seamless and open biller communication, complemented by regular status and priority reports.


Even more than quality billing

Effortless Compliance Integration

Practisync works with your clinic to seamlessly blend compliance into your billing and healthcare systems for easy, efficient operations. Say goodbye to fear and embrace streamlined, intuitive compliance.

Quality Control Services

Practisync quality control services proactively reduce clinic vulnerabilities and costs with ‘around the corner’ foresight. Our custom-tailored evaluations are based on each clinic’s size and demands.

Advance your practice with Practisync

Collaborate with Us

Primary Billing Services

Quality Billing

Your full billing solution

A/R Analysis

Complete Collectability Analysis

Temporary Billing Fill-In

Maternity Leave, Transitions, Etc.

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